Our Mission:  A Sterile Device for Every Patient

At TSO3, we are passionate about sterile.  Sterile devices used in surgical, gastrointestinal and other procedures can mean the difference between life and death for patients.  So we have designed and launched the newest low temperature sterilizer on the market.

Low temperature sterilizers are used for general surgical equipment, and heat-sensitive equipment that cannot withstand the heat used in regular steam sterilizers.  The low temperature market, which has historically been dominated by a small number of companies, has been using technology that was introduced more than 20 years ago.  Now our customers have an alternative.  One that offers them and their patients a safe way to sterilize devices, plus reduced costs, increased throughput, and the ability to sterilize devices that were previously not sterilizable, including long, multi-channel flexible endoscopes that fall within certain dimensions, like colonoscopes, gastroscopes and duodenoscopes (see claims at www.tso3.com).  As we expand and enable sterilization capabilities into the gastrointestinal department, we are building a suite of STERIZONE products and services to transform the standard of care.

STERIZONE products are used in healthcare facilities throughout the world—from academic medical centers to rural hospitals. TSO3 provides its customers with best-in-class service, support and in-servicing.

The STERIZONE VP4 Sterilizer was cleared in USA in 2014, in Canada in 2015 and CE marked for Europe in 2016. Extended claims to process long, complex multi-channel flexible endoscopes that fall within certain dimensions were cleared in Canada and Europe in 2016 and in the USA in 2016 and 2018.

ISO Certified Validation and Compatibility Testing Services

TSO3 offers testing services to medical device manufacturers and other interested parties to validate and test the compatibility of devices in TSO3’s STERIZONE low temperature sterilization system.

Studies are conducted in accordance with international and industry standards such as ISO 11737; ISO 14161; ISO 11607; ISO 10993; for demonstrated safety of reprocessing reusable medical devices and packaging materials.

For information and pricing, contact us at customerservice@tso3.com or 866-895-4734.