This STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer Compatibility Matrix is intended for use in connection with a STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer only.

This Compatibility Matrix is intended solely to identify devices that are both (i) made of materials and (ii) have dimensional characteristics that have been validated for sterilizing in the STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer. Such devices will be sterile if processed in a STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer in accordance with the STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer User Manual.

For further information on the suitability of a particular device for processing in the STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer, contact the device manufacturer in question.

This site updates frequently. Devices may be added or removed from the STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer Compatibility Matrix without prior notice.

Consult and follow all product labeling and instructions for use for the STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer.